We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin January 11-12 2019 for the second imagINe surgery workshop!

The follow-up event to the international workshop imagINe surgery: Collaborative Surgical Tool Development in 2017 will focus on the multi-faceted impact of high-tech equipment in operating rooms and perioperative care on surgical education and training. As part of the outcomes of the first imagINe surgery workshop, the organizers have identified the critical role that all stakeholders involved (such as clinicians, engineers, designers, researchers, and to some extent patients as well) should play in identifying technology design priorities. A key aim of this second workshop is to build on that finding.

Addressing novel requirements for technical skill and cross-disciplinary expert knowledge in surgery, the event will bring together healthcare professionals, education specialists, technology analysts, informatics experts, interaction designers, device manufacturers and researchers from associated fields. The discussion will focus on unmet demands, successfully adapted curricula, and ongoing pilot projects as well as future training concepts and evaluation methods. We are particularly interested in dedicated strategies for academic-industry collaborations in these realms: how should manufacturers be involved in clinical device trainings? What is the best way to prepare the clinical implementation of new technologies, and how are these new technologies affecting surgical skill acquisition? Is device training after development enough, or should more stakeholders participate more actively in earlier phases of technology design? What kind of knowledge is needed for optimal preparation?


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