Past Workshop – 2017


We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin on 28 – 29 April 2017 for the first imagINe surgery workshop!

Present-day surgical settings are changing in that they do increasingly involve a profound visual and technical expertise in preparing and performing surgical interventions. Thereby, they anticipate a future of surgery that will be largely shaped by computer-assisted technology. Centering this particular emerging trend in both research and practice, the workshop will bring together surgeons and technical staff, international research labs affiliated to hospitals, independent designers and engineers, and industry representatives, to discuss on-site strategies and pitfalls of practice-based technology development and implementation. The workshop will provide a platform for establishing inter-lab connections and project-based collaborations with both industrial and academically leaders, transferring research findings into improvements of medico-technical products.

This workshop is the first of two planned events, with a follow-up at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2018.


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